Switch To Saucony Modal Dialog

Omg, Shoes! Saucony Get’s You Moving

I was recently on the market for a new pair of running shoes. I just so happened to have a few vouchers for shoes from a Saucony focus group I participated in. Having mostly worn New Balance andBrooks, I wasn’t even sure where to start. With New Balance shoes, you can use a Model Number after being fitted. Unfortunately these model numbers are not standard, and only apply to their respective brand.

Enter Saucony on-boarding.  Right there on the front page is a simple call to action labeled “Switch to Saucony.”

Clicking takes you through an extremely simple on-boarding flow. Taking all the hassle out of buying the right shoe to match other brands of running shoes.


Switch To Saucony Modal Dialog

Switch To Saucony Modal Dialog

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Stickermule notifies you with a text msg

When you place a print order with Stickermule, their specialists will carefully review your work to create a print proof. They offer to send you a text message when your proof is ready for approval.


KLM’s facebook cover is actually helpful

KLM’s Facebook cover indicates the customer service wait time. Great way to show their service dedication on Facebook!


Chicago’s clever city map, it’s huge

Tourists and visitors of Chicago, instead of Google Maps you can also glance up at the monolithic skyscraper with a flair. At 300 South Wacker Drive, you’ll see a futuristic and huge map of downtown Chicago to find your way.


Slack adds login magic to their app

Slack sends you a unique login link and calls it magic.

No need to remember or type your password; Slack understands that is a hassle on your phone. You fill out your e-mail address and get a unique login link in your email.


Create surveys on your site with SurveyParrot


As readers of this blog I’d like to share something awesome with you: our new on-site survey tool: SurveyParrot.

In my daily work I had to use simple and well designed surveys to learn more from customers. After I couldn’t find the perfect survey tool for a fair price, I decided to create SurveyParrot and share all the unlimited features with you!

Visit on-site survey tool: SurveyParrot

If you sign-up for a free trial, I would love to hear your feedback!