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Bulletproof refund and cancellation policy converts


UI19 Conference has a refund & cancellation policy that makes it very easy to convert even for those who are not sure.

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.44.25 PM

Testimonials right where they are needed


Taco adds testimonials where users need them the most – as the final piece of assurance when deciding to sign up.


Well done demo


Montage has an example of a well done demo. It’s a photo book creator and it pre-populates the demo with beautiful pictures so that the user would not have to worry what to upload and how many images to upload to check out how the product works. In Montage’s demo you just go through steps as if the first step of figuring out what photos to use was already done for you.


Alternative news navigation pattern


Quartz uses left sidebar article navigation and displays all articles following each other on long scrollable page. This approach makes it easier to dive into the channel and continue reading stories one after another, however I suspect for some users the scrolling relationships between sidebar and primary area might be a bit disorienting.


At least be clever!


If you can’t formalize your users’ agreements – at least be clever! The Noun Project asks you to pinky swear if you choose to attribute the artist when downloading an icon for free.

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