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When trying to look at a non existing video, Vimeo pulls a little joke.


Webflow shows you what you missed


When logging into Webflow, it shows you a popup covering features and bugs updated since you last logged in


Webflow login update

Innovative pricing presentation


Pricing on Typeform takes a slightly different appearance – instead of taking the user to a all-in-one pricing page, Typeform’s UI employs the pricing controls where needed and when needed, for example when you choose the type of form you want to create – Typeform explains what is the plan difference in terms of what kinds of forms you can create.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 1.21.15 PM

Non intrusive product UI guide


Blinkist‘s feature guide is designed to be extremely non intrusive and elegant – it’s just a minimal panel that drops from above, contains everything you need and is dismissible with one tap. Clear, minimal, quick!


Product video creates desire


Even for something as simple as a wallet you can make an engaging product video. Check out how Bellroy shows off their wallets.