Slack adds login magic to their app

Slack sends you a unique login link and calls it magic.

No need to remember or type your password; Slack understands that is a hassle on your phone. You fill out your e-mail address and get a unique login link in your email.


Create surveys on your site with SurveyParrot


As readers of this blog I’d like to share something awesome with you: our new on-site survey tool: SurveyParrot.

In my daily work I had to use simple and well designed surveys to learn more from customers. After I couldn’t find the perfect survey tool for a fair price, I decided to create SurveyParrot and share all the unlimited features with you!

Visit on-site survey tool: SurveyParrot

If you sign-up for a free trial, I would love to hear your feedback!

Animated GIF for short clips

They load quickly, are very browser compatible and automatically loop playback. Oh and they don’t have sound. And if you use a lazy load like Polygon does it is even better.


Gmail warns of phishing

Gmail detects and warns about potential malicious emails with a clear warning.


Allow to dismiss notifications effortlessly

Volley allows users to dismiss notifications and error messages by simply clicking anywhere within the notification. Displaying notifications on the bottom makes it even more effortless to dismiss them. In general, Volley has achieved a very intuitive UX that is based on perceived simplicity, straightforward actions and easy to grasp navigation.


How to offer great content format control

Google Think offered a great way to control the format of their articles. Change the font type, size or contrast colors to your preference for optimial legibility.